Tracks overview

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IceMakers Test Tracks


Ice tracks

Icemakers offer lake ice track areas on Lake Kakel 8 km east of Arjeplog. We can provide ice tracks customised according to clients' requests, but our basic track area layout consists of:

• A straight track with a polished ice section
• Two handling courses with different layouts
• A circular track

Tracks are always prepared and ready for use from early January at the latest.

See basic track layout sketch (PDF) »

Special tracks

Icemakers also offer special tracks (on lake ice or on land) designed for testing suspension, noise, vibration, chassis etc.

For example:
•  A stair track (Treppenstufe) made of wooden material
•  A bumpy road track (Höcker)
•  A pothole track (Schlaglöcher)
•  A torque hill track (Verwindungshügel)

Most special tracks are constructed in close cooperation with test engineers that describes their problem to our staff. With a sober mixture of imagination and experience new kinds of track solutions are developed.

Land based tracks

Icemakers main land track area is located in the Pipudden area, 8 km from central Arjeplog. Available for winter testing from November. 

•  Split-µ straight track; 800 m long including heated asphalt 150 * 3 m, natural ice 150 * 3 m on both sides

•  Hill gradients with 10, 15 and 25 % inclination

Test hills

In direct connection to our main facilities at Maskinvägen, Icemakers offer access to two test hills with 15 and 20 % inclination respectively. The access is through a coded bar and the test area is secluded.

The 20 % test hill offer split-µ conditions with different µ-jump possibilities. The hill is approximately 19 metres long and 6 metres wide.


Image gallery

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